June 9, 2023

Escape from Tarkov

If you are looking to play an intense first-person shooting game with ultra-realistic experience, you can choose Escape from Tarkov. It is a fun-filled game of survival in a fictional war-torn city of Norvinsk in Russia. The game will be challenging; however, you can use various Tarkov hacks to make it easy. You can play individually or form allies within your map. People will love to make an alliance with their real-life friends. It is possible to play Escape from Tarkov with your friends if they have the game. The interesting factor of the game will be enhanced if you play along with your friends. However, there are some requirements to do so. Some of the steps to form an alliance with your friends in EFT are explained in brief in this article.

Add the friends to your list

If you need to play Escape from Tarkov with your friends, all of you should have an EFT account. Once all of you have it, you can add them and play together. To add your friends to the game, you should look for the Messenger tab on your main menu of the game. If you click on that tab, a new window will open showing all the friends of yours, along with friend requests. You can accept the requests to add them as your friend, or you can ignore them. When the people you need to play with are not there in the list of friends, you should search for them. There will be a search bar in the Messenger tab. You can type in the account name of the people you want to add and click on search. All the EFT accounts related to your search term will appear, and you can find your desired friends to add them to your list by sending invites. Once the opposite parties accept your invite, they will be ready to play with you.

Joining the game

Once after all your friends have accepted your invitation, the time to join a game begins. Every player who needs to play with you should start the game at the same time. Escape from Tarkov has several maps, PMCs, and other varieties in the game set up. Everyone should select these similar to each other. If all the players choose the same map, same time phase, and your PMC, there is a possibility to get them all together into your game. Since there are different maps, players who have chosen some other map will not be able to join the group you are in. You should click Next on your screen until you reach the Prepare to Escape screen. When every player has chosen similar to you, you will see all the player names on the right side of the screen along with some random players. Your character will be on the left side. If all the players you want to play with are listed, you can start the game with the same entry point.

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