September 23, 2023

MiSentinel involves the safety and Facilities Management Industries. Utilising our extensive experience and artificial intelligence tools, we’ve resolved most possible operational challenges.

MiSentinel’s unique self-service schedule is a great method to increase job satisfaction and staff retention. Our smart self-scheduling timer also sets future schedule periods in addition to self-scheduling sessions, & this too instantly.

Workforce Keeper (WFM) is about appointing the best individuals with the proper knowledge of transporting the right job in the proper time! Scheduling modules a part of workforce keeper continues to be fruitful in predicting workload & the employees needed. This includes individuals employees, hired through self-service mobile apps within the scheduling process, monitoring their working hrs, accounts, and lastly evaluating & tracking the whole process.

MiSentinel offers automated solutions for various traditional daily tasks, performed physically through the Human Sources (HR) department of each and every company. Workforce Keeper helps companies streamline operations, raise efficiency thus minimising costs through better human sources management, scheduling, monitoring and patrol tracking.

MiSentinel Staff may also request to alter their shift, work record, or make an application for leave hoping the request is going to be seen and focused on, through the appropriate authority. This not just facilitates smooth collaboration, but additionally time saving & effort involved with face-to-face conferences, telephonic calls, e-mail, or unplanned absences.

Our efficient worker appointment scheduling software enables employees to gain access to staff rota software through cell phones. This self-service feature provides employees easy viewing their rota’s 24/7, remotely. Also, they are able to request a shift or work record change or raise a leave request using the assurance the request is going to be seen and focused on through the relevant authority. This not just facilitates seamless communication but additionally time saving in getting in person, telephone calls or email communications or discussions about unscheduled absences.

An worker appointment scheduling software offers an worker using the ease of collaborating regarding Staff Rota, which helps you to minimise worker scheduling disputes. By doing this, the benefits of workers will probably increase, thus minimising errors in calls for time off work.

An worker may change their Staff Rota based on the specifications by considering the requirements of other employees too. Management has got the convenience to go browsing to 1 system and, in a glance, they are able to check Work Rota Software, make a change for their set schedule according to their very own availability , making certain the HR and also the management are informed and on a single page together.